Discussion: King Kobe Bryant speaks on Buss and rebuilding, as in NOW!

Posted by: SPQR on 03/12/2014 - 07:40 PM

King Kobe Bryant just dished out his thoughts on the Lakers problems and he minced no words. This is nothing new from a player who publicly sets team pecking orders, disses teamates on videos to strangers, demands to be traded two years after the break up of threepeat and called Jerry Buss a liar and last year, three weeks into the season told fans and the media to shut up and relax because the team would fine. When Kobe wants to speak, he doesn't hold back. And apparently he no longer thinks the team will be fine. So the Kobe lecture prettty much ever Kobe watcher expected has finally hit.

Kobe made some interesting remarks here. He says that that the leadership has to start at the top in an unconfused manner. Strong leadership. He is right about this. Someone has to run the ship with a strong, wise hand and those who get in the way or are in the way need to go. Unless of course that person would be Jim Buss, then he ain't going anywhere.

Kobe also brought up the ubiquitous question, what does Coach D'Antoni want to do and what do the Lakers want to do with him?

What indeed?

He also shows how deluded and divorced from reality he has become when he demands the Lakers do an immediate rebuild. NOW. He is under the illusion that this team, with him at 36 can reach a point of championship contention next year.

Well, that is not going to happen, for many reasons. Kobe will be 36 coming off a non season for him. He is miles behind the best players in the league now. Second, the Lakers, who are a very bad team, simply cannot spend their way to title contention next year. They can't get enough good players to make up the ground on the teams above them, which are many. Perhaps they could climb up a rung or two or three, but not the fourth, fifth or sixth rung they would need to scale.

Mitch Kupchak councils patience. He is correct. To get out of this mess, created largely though impatience the last couple years, we are devoid of talent and draft picks. Yet Kobe would have us charge right in again with the same plan. Talk about a dog chasing it's tail, but in this case, it is Kobe chasing Jordan that is driving him insane. It is a chase that is over because time has expired, but he just can't accept that reality.

We tried that instant rebuild, with Nash and Howard. We gave away the store to do it. It failed. In large part because of Kobe.

Kobe says he feels like killing people (his teamates) watching the Lakers right now. He says we must go all out in a Kamakazi dive to rebuild for next year. It must be done. He doesn't know how, but he says we must find a way.

I would say this, does he feel like killing himself because he took that huge contract he didn't need, that will hurt the very rebuilding he demands? I doubt it. Doesn't he know this team ended up right where it is, because the FO tried like crazy to do a fast rebuild around him? I doubt it. All Kobe knows is he must catch Jordan.

What he doesn't know is that he never will. Sometimes life is just that way. Sometimes, no matter how much you want something, you just don't get it. Kobe only has to ask...any person who ever lived to find that out.

I would say to Mitch, you are right about patience. A few years too late, but at least now thinking sanely. I would say to Mitch, if Kobe pulls his last trump card, the one he keeps up his sleeve for just these occasions, and demands to be traded, then call his bluff and accomidate him.

There comes a time when this team needs to be the Los Angeles Lakers, not the Kobe Lakers. Where the team's needs, its best considerations come before a single man's goals. With Kobe at the age of 36, in the predicatment we are in, that time is past due. It is time to do what is best for the Los Angeles Lakers, and if their fading star doesn't think so, if he has no more respect for the team that stood by him all these years, then he is no longer a Laker but something else entirely.

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