Do you believe in Andrew Wiggins...well do you..punk?

Posted by: SPQR on 05/26/2013 - 02:31 PM

The big college news last week was Andrew Wiggins signing on for his inevitable one year stint at Kansas before taking flight to the pros via the number one pick in the lottery.

Wiggins is considered the best player to come out of high school since Lebron. That is saying a lot. How much? Well, think about the hype Lebron had back then and also think that Kevin Durant came out after Lebron.

So that begs the question, should the Lakers make a play to be in a position to get that top lottery pick?

When I look at the future of this current team, I think, why not? I don't see a whole lot to be excited about next year. Kobe will return, determined to show he is recovered from his injury. It doesn't take Nostradamus to know even as we speak, his driving force in rehab is telling him, "Ill show them all," translated to mean, he will now shoot as much or more than ever next year to make his point clear. Of course, besides for a select group of Kobe fans who only get excited about the Lakers when Kobe is shooting a lot, this means bad news, since Kobeball will take us nowhere, just like it was doing last year before the infamous team meeting. Yet even if a miracle occurs and he plays a toned down, smarter game, he will be another year older than last year, and coming off a very bad injury. Pau will be another year older, so will Metta and Eve Ash (can he be even older or play it?).

Howard should be better, right? Unless playing with a hyper aggressive Kobe precludes it, which it most likely will. Or perhaps Howard at the end of last year was already back. Some games he sure looked it, for what it was worth (physically, not mentally, where he never really looks like a winner).

And of course, the question remains, do you trust Howard, not just next year, but for the future to be a guy you think can actually lead a team, physically and mentally, to the promised land?

Because I don't, and because I don't see anything really good happening with this team that Mitch and Buss have assembled except losing at the end of the year, I think, why not go for the best player since Lebron?

It would be pretty exciting to get Wiggins, wouldn't it? Exciting for the fans, the organization, the team, for our future. Imagine how you would feel on draft night if we got him? Pretty damn excited. About everything. Especially our future.

To do it, we would need to bottom out. Let Howard leave, assuming he even will want to stay, trade Pau, ship out ever old player you can, Nash, Jamison, Metta, burn it to the ground, get what young players or picks you can and enter the lottery next year after a miserable season.

Since I think this team as is, or even with some tweaks, is dead meat anyway, that it will have to eventually be burned, why not now, with Wiggins on the line? Why wait? For what?

If you think this team as is, or with some minor tweaks can win a title, then of course the answer to the Wiggins or lottery gamble is a big no.

For me, the answer is yes, since this team, to me, is just a walking corpse, a shade, a revenant, walking the NBA landscape, looking for its grave so it can lay aside its misery and rest for good. Even if luck or fortune is not with us and we don't get Wiggins, we should still get a very good, perhaps great young player, and man do we need those so very badly. If you believe its time to tear down and start anew, the answer is yes, even more so in Wiggins year.

Of course with Mitch and Buss, we know already it won't happen. They don't have the balls or foresight to ever try something like that. Not that kind of total shake up nor that kind of overt admission the tact they took last offseason was such a final failure. They still believe (or want to pretend to believe) the dumb gamble they made last year, doubling down on age will somehow bear fruit even another year later. We are locked into oblivion by the FO with this team. They took a gamble last year, but this is the year to take one that really can pay off like nobodys business with really small risk. For me, thats always a good bet to make.

If we were in the Wiggins lottery, what are our chances of getting him? It comes down to luck. Blind, faithless luck. Do I believe in luck, superstition or fortune or the mystical? No, not in the least. But if you want to call on a history of luck, or say fortuitousness, as another word, then the Lakers have had their share. Think of the draft picks we acquired, that years later turned into Magic Johnson and James Worthy. If one team has shown luck, or fortune, its us, in spades.

The overarching answer would be as Dirty Harry asked so inimitably long ago, You have to ask yourself a question, do you feel lucky? Well do you...punk?

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