Celtics Bow Down In Staples - Kobe & Dwight Era Begins

Posted by: JamFan on 02/14/2013 - 11:03 AM

PIC OF THE DAY - Goes to Kobe and Dwight who played last night like two players who are destined for greatness. Now that Kupchak has proclaimed that they will indeed be together for at least the next couple of years, will they settle down and start playing like brothers?

aka Don Allen

THE KOBE AND DWIGHT ERA BEGINS - Make no mistake about this. Kupchak has joined Kobe and Dwight at the hip, and they will make a playoff run this season. Dwight Howard will sign an extension next summer. Management will find a way to build a better compliment of players to surround them and make sure they are successful. The new era has begun. They will have to realize that they are in this thing together and they might as well bury the hatchet and become soul mates. The way they played against the Celtics just shows that all things are possible.

CELTICS BOW OUT - The Lakers made quick work of the Boston Celtics with a 113 - 99 victory in the first game after the All Star break. With Kupchak procliaming that Howard is not going anywhere, the team pulled together and played with emotion and determination. Dwight Howard had 24 points and 12 rebounds while Earl Clark had 14 points and 16 rebounds. We won with Kobe scoring only 16 points on 15 shots. Metta chipped in 12 and Nash had 14 while hitting 6 of 7 shots. Off the bench, Jamison had 15 points and Blake had 10. This was the first game after the death of owner Dr Jerry Buss and there was a tribute to him before the game. The victory was a tribute to him during and after the game. Dr Buss would have loved to have seen how they played together last night. Maybe he did.

FORMULA FOR HOW TO WIN - Last nights game against the Celtics must solidify in the minds of the Lakers just how they are going to continue to win and make a playoff run. WE HAD 7 PLAYERS IN DOUBLE FIGURES. Duh? That will get it done. We need Kobe to be both scorer and facilitator. We can't afford for him to chose one vs the other. He needs to continue to be more selective in his shooting and to trust his team mates more. When eveybody is involved in the offense, they suddently get more involved in the rest of the game. Suddenly defense and rebounding happens. Suddenly, team work happens. Suddenly, winning cures everything. The ice will break and these guys will start to play like brothers.

TRADE DEADLINE LOOMS - With Dwight Howard proclaiming that Mitch Kupchak has told him that he definately will not be traded, and with Pau Gasol out with injury for an extended period of time, it is hard to get a handle on any trade rumor that might actually go down before the deadline on Thursday, February 21. There are players out there that the Lakers would probably like to have, but there are only a fews hours left to pull off a deal. With the passing of Jerry Buss, and with the family and the team in mourning, now is not the best environment for a big trade to go down anyway. Look for the Lakers to make only a minor deal, if anything.

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