2012-13 Lakers "Fun" Facts: Howard, Gasol, and Bryant

Posted by: lakeshowsd on 11/29/2012 - 12:50 PM

Lakers record in games where Kobe took 19 shots or more: 1-6

Lakers record in games where Kobe took 18 shots or less: 6-2

Lakers record in games where Howard took 11 shots or more: 6-3

Lakers record in games where Howard took 10 shots or less: 1-5

Lakers record in games where Gasol took 11 shots or more: 6-2

Lakers record in games where Gasol took 10 shots or less: 1-6


I realize that this is just a small sampling of 15 games but these facts reveal some fairly interesting trends. I see this as a carry over of the Kobe VS The Bigs debate from last year. Simply replace Bynum and Gasol with Howard and Gasol and you may see some startlingly similar results.

It seems clear up to this point that the Lakers have played better and won more games when both Howard and Gasol are more involved in the offense and shooting more shots. Furthermore, in games where Kobe has taken more shots than his season average (18 shots per game), the Lakers have struggled mightily in the win/loss column.

Anybody still supporting Kobe taking more shots? LOL. The Kobephiles seemed to be happy with Kobe shooting all those shots last season (a year where Kobe led the league in shot attempts per game by a wide margin), often at the expense of Gasol and Bynum. What about now that we've got a top 3 ranked NBA player in Howard? Shouldn't Howard command enough respect to get more scoring opportunities in the offense? Howard's in his playing prime now, he's developed into a proven 20 to 22+ point per game scorer over the last several years, and he's a career 57% shooter in field goal percentage, but he's averaging less than 18 points per game this year.

Meanwhile, Kobe once again sits in the top 5 among all NBA players in shot attempts per game this season, and nobody else on "Kobe's team" is even in the top 50. D'Antoni offensive schemes are predicated on balanced scoring, so I think it's obvious what needs to be done, and it'll really be up to Nash to right the ship. Upon his return, unless Nash can consistently dictate the D'Antoni offense and distribute the ball in such as way as to keep Bryant's itchy trigger finger under control, while increasing the scoring opportunities for Gasol and Howard, I expect these above stated trends to continue....

I'm sure this is another thread that will be "popular" with the neg happy Kobephile crowd and the lakeshowsd hater crowd but facts are facts. Now neg away, philes. Neg away. LOL

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