For Andrew Bynum...and yes, perhaps Kobe too, a step up.

Posted by: SPQR on 03/11/2012 - 06:18 PM

As always, there is nothing better than watching our Lakers beat down the Boston Celtics.

This year, it was especially sweet. Two very close game, the kind Boston always seemed to win over us for decades years ago, but this time we turn the trick both time, at Boston and today at home.

Boston fans will be grumbling and whining tonight. Suck on it Beantown.

For Andrew Bynum, another superb game. Once again, probably the most important piece in the jigsaw puzzle that ended in victory. That is starting to happen a lot, isn't it?

And finally, finally, the team...and Kobe...used their brains and went to the mismatch, the most effective player to secure the win in final seconds.

No agendas, no search for personal glory, just smart ball in search of the easiest way to achieve the win.

Drew has done so many good things this year. But one thing he has not done was get a chance and then convert that must make basket at the end to bring home the win. Today he got that long overdue chance and came through. It was a learning experience for your growing young center, another step along with way to becoming the complete player he has to be for us to be successful.

And for Kobe, it too was a long overdue experience. Instead of taking a hard shot, with the defense keyed on him, in search of two more points and a clip on ESPN, he did the smart thing. The right thing. He went for the easiest avenue for the win, not the obvious avenue to add to his legend. But in doing so, he actually got more respect from me than even if he had jacked up the shot and made it. Because nothing earns more respect than seeing a player do the smart thing.

Hopefully, for Drew...and yes, Kobe too, this will not be some end of game aberration, but the start of more intelligent collaboration for both of them.

Congratulations team, for sweeping our bitter and ancient rivals. Congratulations Drew, on another teriffic game and for taking that next step challenge and passing it. And to you too Kobe, for going against what you have done so well so many times, for going against what your heart no doubt wanted, and doing what was in the best interests of the team.

A job well done by both of you.

One last thought. Two years ago, I said on here that if Drew stays healthy, gets total playing time and learning time like a healthy player should, in three years (that would be next year) he will be the most effective, impactful, important player on this team.

I have seen nothing to change my mind on that score.

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