Interview with Andrew Bynum

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Here's the link: amp-t81404,start,360.html

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he just needs 2 average 15 and 10 like Phil wanted, I belive that the video will make kobe and bynum much better teamates. Now Bynum is inspired and all FIRED UP!!!!!!!

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Damn, I love how he kept prodding him about the stupid video....I believe he answered your question the first 10 times sir. The quicker the L.A. media could let it go, the quicker all of us could let it go. It seems like Andrew has a good head about everything and I look forward to seeing him play this year.

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I agree, all the reporters are asking about Kobe's video. He asked Bynum the same question like 5 times. Man, he needs to shut up about Kobe's video, and actually find out things about Bynum, not how he feels about Kobe's video. Maybe asking that once would have been appropriate but come on, 5-6 times.

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