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  2014 Free Agent Class; Who Do We Target? 201 10023 
 24All_DAY Apr 23 04:04
  If Lakers are Going to Fire Mike D'Antoni, Do It Now!  44 1295 
 BaadMaster Apr 23 03:22
  Is There Anything Else You Want To Blame Jim Buss For? 51 981 
 Skyeword Apr 23 01:08
  Lakers 2014 NBA Draft (Scouting Reports/News/Discussion) 1315 61302 
 JJCali Apr 23 00:38
  Kobe Bryant to Begin Intense 6-Month Training Program 40 1754 
 zheck13 Apr 22 23:42
  Nick Young Claims Top Shooting Guard Position in the NBA 24 1442 
 JJCali Apr 22 22:26
  Charles Barkley Disses Shaq 13 1128 
 userpete1037 Apr 22 17:16
  Jim Buss Says He’ll Step Down If He Can't Turn Lakers Around 35 1756 
 zone4mark Apr 22 09:54
  Report: Lakers Leaning Towards FIRING D'Antoni 114 8114 
 TheInfamous55 Apr 22 03:46
  Kobe Bryant's Offseason Agenda & Mock Conversations 71 2505 
 LakerBloodNoD... Apr 22 01:22
  Jodie Meeks or Nick Young? 28 2169 
 JJCali Apr 20 13:33
  Mitch Kupchak Re-Signs as GM of Lakers in Multi-Year Deal  167 5882 
 zheck13 Apr 19 09:52
  Lakers Topbuzz Guess the Score Game [2013-14 Winners] 58 3559 
 JJCali Apr 18 21:47
  Turn Kent Bazemore into a point guard/Left Handed Westbrook 19 1500 
 zone4mark Apr 18 09:47
  Lakers @ Spurs Game Thread 2014-04-16 18 1148 
 Axle Apr 17 07:26
  Join Team Tank! 1512 40169 
 Abaloz Apr 17 06:03
  Ryan West Will Have a Hand in Lakers 2014 Draft Pick 5 3589 
 magic42157 Apr 16 19:40

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NBA Basketball Message Board
TopicReplies Views Rating Poster Date Time
  Lamar Odom To the Knicks? Meets With Phil Jackson 24 1659 
 Shepherd Apr 22 16:24
  Kansas’ Joel Embiid Entering NBA Draft After One Season 37 2970 
 Axle Apr 22 13:03
  Carmelo Anthony Shut Down With Torn Labrum 5 595 
 zone4mark Apr 22 09:59
  Smush Parker Punches 16 Year Old Who Scored On Him Twice 5 773 
 zone4mark Apr 22 09:57
  Rick Adelman Retires. One Less Coach Choice For the Lakers 1 199 
 zone4mark Apr 22 09:56
  Kyrie Irving Might Not Re-Sign With Cleveland Cavaliers? 15 4153 
 zone4mark Apr 22 09:51
  Bosh Hints He and Lebron Are Staying Put This Summer 5 1985 
 zone4mark Apr 22 09:50
  Zen Master Fires Mike Woodson 3 366 
 dub4twenty Apr 21 18:55
  Should the NBA Change Playoff Home Court Advantage? 4 1000 
 lakerholic Apr 19 02:30

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Kobe Bryant's Offseason Agenda & Mock Conversations

April 16, 2014 - Posted by gemfow

How Kobe will approach the Laker offseason

Kobe places call to Bazemore

Bazemore: Hello?

Kobe: Hey, it's number 24.

Bazemore: What's up?

Kobe: Nothing much, I just wanted to wish you a speedy recovery.

Bazemore: Thanks, man I appreciate it.

Kobe: Also I wanted to discuss your role with the team.

Bazemore: Umm okay?

Kobe: I'm a big fan of your hesitation dribble and the way you take it to the cup.

Bazemore: Oh wow! Coming from you that's an honor.


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King Kobe Speaks on Buss and Rebuilding. As in NOW!

March 12, 2014 - Posted by SPQR

King Kobe Bryant just dished out his thoughts on the Lakers problems and he minced no words. This is nothing new from a player who publicly sets team pecking orders, disses teamates on videos to strangers, demands to be traded two years after the break up of threepeat and called Jerry Buss a liar and last year, three weeks into the season told fans and the media to shut up and relax because the team would fine. When Kobe wants to speak, he doesn't hold back. And apparently he no longer thinks the team will be fine. So the Kobe lecture prettty much ever Kobe watcher expected has finally...

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Lakers Will Recoup... Here's Why

March 8, 2014 - Posted by allenyag

This season is a compilation of many many things. It will come to pass, and the Lakers will be back to normal. Let start with a quick recap of things that led to this.

CBA related issues:

1. Lakers agree with owners on a revenue sharing scheme right before the new CBA. Most of the money from the revenue sharing is thus provided by the Lakers.
2. The new CBA is adopted with a high luxury tax and repeater penalty (aimed at particularly at penalizing teams like the Lakers)
3. Stern blocks CP3 trade

Laker Management Mishaps:

1. Lakers get Steve Nash (who eats away at cap space like...

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Mitch's 30-70 Ratio...It's Time

January 29, 2014 - Posted by PurpleKnight

Earlier this month Mitch Kupchak talked about ratios. He said that the job of The General Manager is to be "realistic". That he and The Lakers start out the season 80% focused on the current season. But at the same time 20% on the future. He goes on to say that if they have a chance to win a Championship in the current season, they can sacrifice the next year to a certain extent. And that the ratio changes as the season progresses. From 60-40 in December. To 50-50 in January. To 30-70 in February looking to the future. He said that it's "his job to have the future of the...

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Lakers Possible Scenarios

January 25, 2014 - Posted by Czilla

I havent posted in quite a while but have been looking in on the forum to see how everybody has been handling this season. And the ideas that you guys are throwing out there in terms of planning for the future. Although some ideas have some merit and should be discussed, another way of looking at the situation is required. Often times when i see a plan set forth by a member, its always the lakers get every guy they would want, like the lakers are in a buffet and have first dibs on everything before the buffet opens to the public.

In terms of planning, any franchise in every sport has one....

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D’Antoni:A Exact Man for the Right Team at the Perfect Time

January 17, 2014 - Posted by SPQR

All news is dismal for the Lakers: They sit at the bottom of the Pacific with a lowly 14-25 record, their losing skein has his six games and their record for the last ten games is an abysmal 1-9.

For this once proud franchise that only yesterday seemed on top of the world, winning two titles in three trips to finals this seems like a strange, inverted world; the Lakers as the Charlotte Hornets.

And with each loss, each failure, each mounting frustration, the clarion call grows louder: fire Coach D'Antoni. He is not the man for this team. Fire Coach D and hire someone better.


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The 2 Year Laker Plan to Get Back to The Championship

January 13, 2014 - Posted by PurpleKnight

Let's face it. The team that you & I love has problems. And I'm not just talking about our 14-23 record. Ever since the late great Dr. Jerry Buss left us to go hang with fellow Laker legends Chick Hearns, Wilt Chamberlain & above, our franchise has been in in disaray. From his son Jimmy looking lost, to Mitch missing the mark, to the new CBA created specifically to hurt The Lakers, to Kobe Bryant taking 40% of our cap space in this new restrictive landscape the next 2 years. Where do we go from here? Even the best owners would find this an extremely difficult challenge.


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Don't Give Up, but It's Time to Accept the Truth

January 1, 2014 - Posted by PurpleKnight

Let me start off by saying that I have tons of respect for those of you that have stuck with the team up to now and haven't given up. But there's a big difference between "giving up" and accepting the fact that WE ARE NOT GOING TO WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP THIS YEAR! And truthfully that's what it's ALL about for this franchise and their fans. Shoot we aren't even going to make the playoffs. So if we are not going to win this year, It's time to accept that we are in the process of rebuilding. Which means we are tanking. Not deliberately. But by not having enough talent, too many old...

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To Understand The Lakers, Understand Jim Buss

December 31, 2013 - Posted by BaadMaster

If we want to understand the plight of the Lakers, we have to understand what it is to inherit great power and wealth. Most times, the scion (the son, not the car!) never reaches the heights of the father. All of Michael Douglas' sons come to mind. All are underachievers to varying degrees; one is in prison for the foreseeable future. Sly Stallone's boy. The son of the late Malcolm Forbes (a famous industrialist playboy) is a blithering nerd. But the list is endless. In every case, it seems that the "Talent God" touched the father and only the "Ambition God" touched the...

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Kobe, Lebron's Paths Diverge, how Long Will God Love LBJ?

December 26, 2013 - Posted by SPQR

There was an article out this morning about the Lakers and Heat game and more specifically about the different stages of the careers of the two teams superstars, Kobe and Lebron. It as an interesting article as far as it goes and worth the read. But there was on thing in that article that jumped out at me. It was Lebron's comments about how long he will play, or more accurately, how long the Man Upstairs will let him play. This comment stuck out with me for reasons I will go into. But first, for those interested, here is the the link to it. After you read it, I will have my thoughts on what...

Read Full Blog | 26 comments



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