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Evaluation of the Lakers 2014-15 Off Season Moves

July 21, 2014 - Posted by allenyag

Hey fellow Lakers fans. I needed to write this for my own sanity, to help me sort out how I feel about this past off-season. I feel like we were promised the moon, but got the same "moon-rocks" sold in the 60's. We should have expected this, but for some reason,blind faith let us down this exhaustive road to let down once again in the past 2 off-seasons. But, I think there is good news in all of this, because we should have seen the signs but chose not to.

First lets go over our pipe dreams, and understand why they didn't work out.

1. Lebron James didn't sign with us.


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Summer of 2014: A Final End to Lakers Pipe Dream Strategy

July 14, 2014 - Posted by SPQR

In the nineteenth and early twentieth century's there were particular institutions called opium dens. In them, people who wished to escape reality could come and lay down on a soft bed and for money, indulge in the warm, pleasant fantasies and escape from reality that hitting the opium pipe brought. It was these establishments and this practice that coined the term pipe dreams. Meaning an induced fantasy of escape that had no bearing on reality.

And like those long ago pipe smokers, so too can the desire for escape affect a sports franchise and some of its fans when reality is not going...

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'And with the 7th Pick, The Los Angeles Lakers Select...

June 26, 2014 - Posted by PurpleKnight

I'm excited! Are you? This is a very important day for our franchise. Who we pick (or what we do with that pick) is the most important first step in our rebuilding process. Until who we pick up in the free agent market. That will be the next important step. But it all starts with this draft.

Regardless if you and I believe that Kobe deserved that insane contract based on his lifetime achievements wearing a Laker uni, that contract put us in a hole! Solely looking at it based on the realities of this new restrictive CBA that was a terrible decision.

But anyway, spilled milk! In any...

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Steve Kerr Shows Lakers Were Wise to Pass on GM Phil.

May 15, 2014 - Posted by SPQR

Phil Jackson has been the topic of much heated discussion lately among Lakers fans. First we had the possibility of Phil returning as coach after the Brown firing. I was against that move for a few reasons: First, Phil, as he said himself in a radio interview I heard is too old and sick to be the coach he wants to be-and a team, any team-would need him to be. Then there are his salary demands which are astronomical compared to other coaches. The other reason was simply this, it doesn't matter if we hired some metaphysical combination of Phil, Pat Riley and Red Auerbach, no coach could have...

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For Lakers, Coaching Decision History Shows Team Chaos.

May 1, 2014 - Posted by SPQR

The recent resignation of Coach D'Antoni was greeted with almost universal cheers from the Lakers faithful. Whether the debacle of the last two years was solely D'Antoni's fault or other factors were at play is debatable, but no matter where you stand on that, there are not many lamenting his departure.

But in the face of the unrestrained joy that struck Lakers Nation yesterday, there is also a harder truth and reality that must be faced before we launch parades as though we just won a title or will shortly be winning one. The same front office that hired him will be hiring his...

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Myriad Ramifications in Jim Buss's Vow

April 23, 2014 - Posted by SPQR

Jim Buss's declaration to turn the Lakers around or quit was as bold as it was unusual. In all my years of watching sports I have never heard of an owner who also was so involved in player operations making this kind of promise. There is danger there for him. Also possible danger for the team if he rushes to full fill his stated obligation.

While we all hope that in four years the Lakers will have a contender, nothing is guaranteed. Injuries, bad drafts, chemistry, whether free agents want to come all play a part. And will they be able to get a bonafide superstar, one of the best players...

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Kobe Bryant's Offseason Agenda & Mock Conversations

April 16, 2014 - Posted by gemfow

How Kobe will approach the Laker offseason

Kobe places call to Bazemore

Bazemore: Hello?

Kobe: Hey, it's number 24.

Bazemore: What's up?

Kobe: Nothing much, I just wanted to wish you a speedy recovery.

Bazemore: Thanks, man I appreciate it.

Kobe: Also I wanted to discuss your role with the team.

Bazemore: Umm okay?

Kobe: I'm a big fan of your hesitation dribble and the way you take it to the cup.

Bazemore: Oh wow! Coming from you that's an honor.


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King Kobe Speaks on Buss and Rebuilding. As in NOW!

March 12, 2014 - Posted by SPQR

King Kobe Bryant just dished out his thoughts on the Lakers problems and he minced no words. This is nothing new from a player who publicly sets team pecking orders, disses teamates on videos to strangers, demands to be traded two years after the break up of threepeat and called Jerry Buss a liar and last year, three weeks into the season told fans and the media to shut up and relax because the team would fine. When Kobe wants to speak, he doesn't hold back. And apparently he no longer thinks the team will be fine. So the Kobe lecture prettty much ever Kobe watcher expected has finally...

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Lakers Will Recoup... Here's Why

March 8, 2014 - Posted by allenyag

This season is a compilation of many many things. It will come to pass, and the Lakers will be back to normal. Let start with a quick recap of things that led to this.

CBA related issues:

1. Lakers agree with owners on a revenue sharing scheme right before the new CBA. Most of the money from the revenue sharing is thus provided by the Lakers.
2. The new CBA is adopted with a high luxury tax and repeater penalty (aimed at particularly at penalizing teams like the Lakers)
3. Stern blocks CP3 trade

Laker Management Mishaps:

1. Lakers get Steve Nash (who eats away at cap space like...

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Mitch's 30-70 Ratio...It's Time

January 29, 2014 - Posted by PurpleKnight

Earlier this month Mitch Kupchak talked about ratios. He said that the job of The General Manager is to be "realistic". That he and The Lakers start out the season 80% focused on the current season. But at the same time 20% on the future. He goes on to say that if they have a chance to win a Championship in the current season, they can sacrifice the next year to a certain extent. And that the ratio changes as the season progresses. From 60-40 in December. To 50-50 in January. To 30-70 in February looking to the future. He said that it's "his job to have the future of the...

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